Big News: Why we changed our direction

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking some of our readers for suggestions on improving the magazine.

The responses have come in, and we’ve listened and turned things upside down. In fact, we’ve not made a change as big as this since we went digital back in 2019.

Firstly, some background.

Why change at all?

Here at Convert Towers we’ve always had a niggling doubt.

What if we’re the worst of all worlds? We set out to report on the news from the Marketing world, but what if our summaries are too short?

We had a very deliberate objective when we started: be a weekly curator of relevant news.

However, it sometimes felt that we were just ‘skimming over’ subjects and not really giving any depth to any specific topic.

So we asked you, our reader, what you thought.

Question: “Should we stay as we are, and be generalists, or niche down on one topic and be experts?”

The response surprised us.

What has changed?

The overwhelming majority wanted us to become specialists. They wanted:

  • More in-depth articles
  • More workshop-style features demonstrating tactics and techniques
  • Fewer ‘light-bites’ (although we will still be covering the news)
  • More guest interviews and experts

So we have decided to concentrate on just one area of marketing. But how did we decide what that was?

Simple. We asked you lot!

Question: “What do you think is the subject area in marketing that is least represented by magazines?”

You said ’email marketing’. In fact, you shouted it.

So, as of today, we are no longer a marketing magazine – we’re an Email Marketing magazine.

What can we expect?

Moving forward, we will concentrate solely on email marketing. All articles, links, news stories and features will be about Email Marketing.

And they will be more in-depth too.

In fact, some of us will even come out from behind our keyboards and record some videos for you!

We will make these changes throughout April 2020, so by May, you should see a different magazine.

Of course, we want your feedback on the change – we’re not going to get things right every issue.

I’m excited about this change, as I feel very strongly that Email Marketing is the single best way to grow a brand and generate revenue. Finally, my team and I will get the opportunity to share our enthusiasm with you all.

So thank you if you took our survey, and let’s raise a glass to Convert – The Email Marketing Magazine.