Issue 91: All about Split Testing

Welcome to another issue of Convert – the magazine dedicated to email marketing.

This week, we’ve got some tenuous metaphors, stomach-churning imagery and lots of helpful information about split testing. If you can never quite decide whether A or B is better, we’re here to help you out.

For empirical, objective results, there’s no better tool for increasing your conversions.

If that sounds interesting, or if you like mud wrestling, wigs or being called an idiot, you’ll love this week’s post. It’s meaty, it’s helpful and it’s frankly gratuitous.


We’ve also scoured the planet for the world’s best resources on split testing, to bring you a whole host of handy information. We haven’t trekked through the Amazon, we haven’t crossed the Nile and we haven’t climbed Everest. But we have done a bit of a Google search, and that’s what we think is important.

OK – on with the issue!

#1 – Visuals and Videos

If you’re the type of person who like videos instead of text (ie, a moron), this video is a great introduction to the absolute basics of split testing. It doesn’t offer much depth or detail, but for a visual intro to how small changes can reap big rewards, it’s fantastic.

If you’re looking for more visual representations of how split testing can work, YouTube is full of them. But be careful, cos some of them are crap.

#2 – Join The Club

“I can’t be bothered to split test – it’ll take forever and I want to watch Netflix and cry.”

Yeah, we get it. Deep down, we’re all lazy boys and girls, but split testing is getting more popular by the day. As noted by Learning Hub

  • 77 percent of companies perform A/B tests on their websites.
  • 59 percent of companies perform A/B tests on emails.
  • A single ad display change resulting from an A/B test increased Microsoft Bing’s revenue by 12 percent in 2012.

In short, split testing is essential – and if you’re not doing it, you’re absolutely getting left behind by your competition.

If you’re not split testing, all of the stats on Learning Hub’s post should spook you into it.

#3 – Got Tools?

Yep! Time-saving, helpful and extensive, there are lots of excellent split testing tools which can make your split testing odyssey so much easier. Carefully curated by HubSpot, all of the tools on the list are excellent, and all offer different features.

#4 – Comparing the Comparables

Embarking upon your first split testing quest can be confusing. You don’t know what might be working, what might not be working, what could look better and what could be replaced.

Neil Patel’s blog has 50 (FIFTY!) ideas for small things you can consider changing in your search for big results.

Ever thought about changing your clothes in your profile picture? Or switching fonts? Or adding arrows to your purchase page?

We hadn’t either.

Good old Neil.

#5 – Steps to Split Success

Another link, another HubSpot article. We love Hubspot.

With their 15-step process to a successful split test, HubSpot has filled in all the blanks you might have missed. If you want someone to hold your hand while you cower tentatively through your first split testing experiment, this is the best guide on the web.

That’s it for this week!

Have a read of our new post, and we’ll see you next time, you sexy marketing geniuses.