Marketing has never been more exciting than it is today...

You can create, deploy and measure campaigns in a matter of minutes – but this poses a new problem for business owners selling online.

How do I effectively convert browsers into buyers without breaking the bank?

We want to help with that. Our aim is to bring you all the news, resources, templates and tutorials you’ll ever need to build campaigns that actually work.

Whether you’re working from a kitchen table, a beach shack in Thailand or managing a 1,000 person company, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest ideas from the world of marketing that will help you convert browsers into buyers without breaking the bank.

About our team

We’re a small team of passionate marketers and writers who scour the web daily, looking for ideas, hacks, tricks and stories that will turn your browsers into buyers.

We’re a new breed of publisher: 

  • We’re independent. We alone decide what to publish, so you can be sure that there’s no bias.
  • We’re scrappy. We’re small and nimble, meaning we can run rings around the major media companies.
  • We’re curious. We love finding the next big thing when it’s still just a small thing.

Convert Magazine aims to be the number 1 resource for all business owners who sell their products & services online.

Oh, and we love hearing from our readers, so don’t hesitate to email us with questions, ideas and feedback..

Our Writers

Louise Patterson, Writer

Louise Patterson, Writer

Louise is a Marketing Communications veteran, working with some of the UK’s leading Non-Profit organisations, such as Water Aid.

When she’s away from her keyboard, you’ll probably find her playing hide-and-seek in the park with her two little girls.

Paul McDougal, Writer

Paul is a born story-teller and creative writing genius. He’s an expert in content creation and SEO, and loves new projects.

Currently you’ll find him in Vietnam, but with a passion for travel, who knows where he’ll pop up next?

Paul McDougal
Paul McDougal, Writer

Vicky Monroe, Writer
Vicky Monroe, Writer

Vicky Monroe, Writer

Vicky is a freelance writer with a passion for all things marketing.

When she’s not writing about the latest marketing story, she can be found playing with her dog Shadow, or elbow-deep in flour, baking her signature vegan cookies.

Gil Davies, Writer

Gil is a natural news-hound, with the ability to simplify complicated ideas.

When he’s not chasing down marketing stories, he’ll be researching the latest Cryptocoin or helping investors make wise decisions in the complicated world of Cryptocurrency.

Gil Davies
Gil Davies, Writer

Al Elliott
Al Elliott, Owner and Managing Editor

Al Elliott, Owner and Managing Editor

Al’s been hooked on marketing since he picked up his first marketing book (Dan Kennedy, of course).

When he’s not geeking out about the latest marketing ideas, he travels the world with his wife and grumpy little ginger dog, Peanut.