Issue 44: Video marketing

Media buyers will already know we’re deep into Q4, as inventory prices rise and cost per leads increase, but this is a perennial problem which we should all expect by now.

Regardless, our sources tell us that video is still the cheapest way to reach our prospects, so Vicky Monroe rounds up the 6 best video marketing tricks to get better reach and build warm audiences.

Meanwhile Paul McDougal looks at the new .new domain extension and explains why the big names are jumping into this in a big way.

No issue would be complete without some mention of Zuckerberg’s web properties, so we look at 10 surprising Instagram stats, as well as a sneak peak at the brand new Facebook Live features that have rolled out this week.

Savvy marketers know that data is the lifeblood of any great campaign, so we dive into the ‘new vs returning‘ visitor argument and explain why it’s important to consider both.

Finally, and rather appropriately, we ask the question ‘Which question/answer site is best: Reddit or Quora’, with some surprising results.

As marketers scramble to wring the last drops out of the pre-Christmas budget, we’re already shopping for our favourite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – what have you seen that’s keenly priced?

Enough from me for now. Enjoy the latest issue!