Issue 64 – We Go All In on Email

I’ve teased you enough… I’ll reveal the big change that was prompted by your feedback

We’re going ‘all in’ on Email.

Yep, from now on, every edition will just be about, growing your list,emailing your list, and streamlining and automating your workflow.

Course, there’ll be some crossover with other areas.

  • We’ll still talk about Facebook Ads, ‘cos that’s the way you grow a list
  • We’ll still cover copywriting, ‘cos that’s the bedrock of all emails
  • We’ll continue to bring you the latest news in marketing, when it is applicable to email

This does mean, however, that we’ll be doing much less stuff on things like SEO, large media buys and other marketing subjects that don’t directly translate to better email marketing skills.

Will we lose readers? Yes, I think we will.

But I think we’ll gain many more – after all, who would you trust to operate on your brain if you were ill: Your local GP, who knows a little about a lot, or Dr Brainy McBrainerson, who only does brain surgery?

So this week we kick off with a feature on growing your list. We look at 4 ways that can catapult you into the Email Marketing big league.

Then we take a look at the welcome sequence, perhaps the most important part of your email marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, Paul’s summarising the key elements of deliverability – after all, the best email in the world is useless if it goes to the spam folder…

Finally, we don a black cloak and gaudy rings, and gaze mystically into our crystal ball in an attempt to predict what 2020 holds in store for Email Marketing.

So, if this change is not for you, then I won’t blame you for unsubscribing. However, if you like what you see so far, then I think you’d be pretty excited if you saw our publishing schedule for Q2.

Hopefully it’s ‘Hasta Luego’ rather than ‘adios’.

(Oh, and do we get extra points for not mentioning the ‘C’ word? I’m starting to get sick (no pun intended) of the 30 emails a day that are jumping on this pandemic as a way to sell their shit. C’mon guys, we’re better than that, surely?)