Issue 82: Top Email Myths, New Page Builder & 60 Ways To Build A List

Welcome to another issue of Convert – the magazine dedicated to email marketing.

We’ve got a few things to tell you this week, but first, the big news is that…

…we’re getting it wrong ourselves.

Yep, rather embarrassingly, some of our own emails are ending up Gmail’s ‘Promotions’ tab – regular readers will know that we have written quite a few articles on this, and so surely, we should know better.

The good news is that now we’re in this hole, we can not only dig ourselves out of it, but report back with exactly how we did it!

So keep your eyes peeled for a feature in a few weeks on how we managed to claw our way back into the main Gmail inbox.

OK – on with the issue!

01: ActiveCampaign takes on LeadPages

Following in the ape-shaped footsteps of MailChimp, the guys at ActiveCampaign have launched a page builder for email marketers to use to collect emails.

It’s technically still in beta (at the time of writing), so it may not be open to everyone, but early feedback in the private Active Campaign groups on Facebook have been cautiously positive.

We’re still going to stick with our favourite page builder for now (and also the cheapest on the market!), but we’re interested to see where this leads.

02: The Myths of Email Marketing & the two Booksellers…

This week, I take a look at the top 3 myths of email marketing, and also spin up a tall tale about two booksellers.

Top 3 Email Marketing Myths

Beneath my strained metaphor, you’ll find all kinds of things like:

  • Why it’s sometimes a good idea to make it hard to subscribe
  • Why keeping fake/misspelt email addresses on your list can banish all your emails to the spam bin
  • Why my Dad laughed up his sleeve at a Porsche driver, back in 1986

Have a gander here.

03: 60 (free) ways to build an email list

The guys over at Sumo have updated their already-brilliant article on growing a list, and it’s packed with 60 ways to build a list for free.

Course, like everything that’s worthwhile in this world, you can save your money by spending your time on this, but with cash-strapped, COVID-hobbled companies looking to cut down on spending, this could be a win for some.

04: Our Academy is coming…

After speaking to a number of our lovely readers, we learnt that you want a one-stop shop for all things email.

Email Marketing Academy sneak peak

So back in June, we started work on The Email Marketing Academy – a private member’s portal where we can upload training, workshops, templates and much more.

We are still aiming for the 1st October for launch date, so look out for your invitation this month.

That’s it for this week. Look out for a review of one of our favourite apps next week, plus an update on the Gmail Promotions tab debacle!

Bye for now!

Al Elliott & the Convert Team