In Marketing, Automation and Personalisation Should Work Together – Here are 4 Ways How

Used intelligently, automation can help to deliver a more personalised experienced to your customers. Here are four ways how:

As reported by, automation is in every part of our lives, from Siri and Alexa helping us out daily, to our cars which help us to park.

It should therefore be used just as often in business. And while many business leaders are scared to hand control over to automation, they really shouldn’t be. Used intelligently, automation can help to deliver a more personalised experienced to your customers. Here are four ways how:

Utilise freebies to segment leads

Yes, not all leads are the same, and not all should be treated the same. But how can you treat the ‘better’ leads in a way which will hopefully get them buying from you and interacting with you?

Ontraport, a CRM and marketing-automation software provider, suggests using free content and services. Not only is it typically cheaper than buying pre-sorted lead lists, but it also encourages prospects to reciprocate by signing up for your service.

This is known as the ‘reciprocity principle’. If you’ve been kind to someone (in this case, a client), they’re very likely to return the favour.

There are so many things you can offer: quizzes, coupons, money-off schemes, free trials, free products and so much more.

How do you automate these? Use your email automation system to scale the delivery of different freebies and giveaways.

Knowing a name isn’t enough

Yes, companies usually all send emails which address you by name. And that’s a nice little touch. But it’s nowhere near enough. The more personalised you can make each email, the better.

Adidas colors and customizes emails by the recipient’s gender. Nissan sends out customized maintenance reminders. Spotify shares what it calls “time capsules,” or nostalgic reminders of songs the listener once played.

You probably have lots of information about each of your customers. Use all of this information to personalise your emails in as many ways as possible.

Once you’ve set this up, automate it all – and you’ve got a super-manageable friendly, personalised system which will appeal to your customers!

Timing is important

You can personalise your ads based on many factors – weather, the time of year, current affairs.

You can even personalise for each user – send them a specific email, ad or special wish for their birthday.

Focus on your homepage

Your homepage provides an excellent way to personalise immediately and effectively. If you deliver a personalised experience as soon as a user hops onto your site, you’ll catch their attention.

Optimizely’s homepage is the perfect example. Visitors associated with Target, Microsoft and the travel industry — as well as night owls — all see something different when they visit the company’s site.

Personalised homepages can increase conversions by a massive 113%!

Your home page should look specific and tailored. If it looks this way for your users, they’ll see you’re a company who’s really listening to who your customers are – and what they want.