9 Instagram Video tips from the experts

Research has shown that videos on Instagram get twice as many comments and almost 40% better engagement than standard image posts. So here’s 9 of the hacks that the experts use to create great video for Instagram.

01: Create videos of quotes

I know – sounds weird – let me explain.

You find (or create) an audio track with the quote, and then use a video editor to superimpose the words as they’re spoken.

Like this:

Use Adobe’s Spark to create this effect for free.

02: Use Giphy to turn short videos into GIFs

We might be divided on how to say the word, but we’re united in our love for the common GIF.

Now, with Giphy’s Cam app, you can create your own GIFs direct from your phone.

03: Edit videos on your phone using InShot

The InShot app will take care of 95% of the average Instagram user’s editing needs.

You can add stickers, filters and music to your videos as well as the standard cutting and stitching you’d expect in a video app.

04: Use a good thumbnail

When uploading your videos to Instagram, you’ll get the option to choose a thumbnail. Take some time here…

Your thumbnail is like the ‘headline’ of your video – choose something that stands out. A surprised face works well here (despite feeling a bit cheesy and click-baity!)

05: Don’t make it too professional

Most users can tell the difference between something created in the Starbucks queue, and something created by 6 designers in Photoshop.

If you want to be seen as genuine on Instagram, upload the things that a normal human would upload to friends.

When was the last time your mate sent you a video about Friday night with jump cuts and retakes?

06: Post more memes

Nope, they’ve not gone away, and we even know how to pronounce the word now (HINT: it rhymes with bean).

Either use common memes as responses or ways to describe your day, or make your own using Mematic (iOS & Android).

07: Use StoryLuxe to give your videos that edge

If you want to create natural-looking video that’s heart-achingly beautiful, then look no further than StoryLuxe.

You can “…create Instagram stories using our film frames, tape, love, collage, and neon templates” according to their website.

08: Consider using Canva’s new animated tools

Canva has a brand new feature where you can create animated posts for Social Media.

Check out their blog post here.

09: Copy Hollywood and create trailers

“In a world, where one man searches for meaning….” Yep, those cheesy movie trailers are back, but this time you won’t need £250k and a production team.

Using simple apps like Pixaloop, you can create great looking trailers for your events, products or even just a webinar you’re doing with Greg from Accounting.