This Week In Marketing [Vol 19, Ep 41]

It’s 2019, it’s week 41, so it’s time for a roundup of our favourite articles, guides and stories in Marketing this week.

01: Do you even Wikipedia, Bro..?

If you don’t have a Wikipedia page for your business, then Hubspot want to show you how to get started.

02: Fancy a line?

We’re talking subject lines, of course. The insanely clever guys over at MarketingProfs have collated their favourite 10 subject line formulas.

03: Talk English, Boy

The legendary Paul Graham (yep, that Paul Graham) wonders why some of us write in a very different tone to how we speak. ‘Stop it,’ he says in an essay we found in our archives. (The lesson is still as valuable today as in 2015).

04: Success does not beget success

Greg McKeown, the author of the brilliant Essentialism, riffs on why success can often lead to mediocrity in his article for the Harvard Business Review.

05: How to squeeze 40 hours of work into 16.7

If you’re in the #HustlePorn crew then firstly you need to stop and consider what you’re running away from. Secondly, go make a cup of tea, grab a hob nob, turn your phone off and have a read of this great Buffer article.

BONUS: 21 Behaviours that’ll make you the sexiest person alive

Well not guaranteed – but they will help you become more creative and help your relationships. Have a gander here.