Issue 41: Facebook, Insta & Nextdoor

It’s been a busy week in the marketing world.

Zuck’s Libra looks set to hobble forwards towards the finish line, despite major players pulling out. Is it really going to be the first Crypto coin for the masses? I’ll be honest -I don’t think it will happen, but only time will tell.

The local-centric neighbourhood network seems to be gathering steam, but is it the next big thing for media buyers? Opinions are divided, however there’s a general feeling that the public are crying out for an alternative to the Facebook empire.

The perennially tricky FB algorithm is the focus of our Video of the Week, and one of our favourite vloggers gives his take on the best way to get your content seen.

Instagram takes a swipe at Snapchat (again) this week with their copycat photo-based messenger app; Is this the final nail in the coffin for Evan Spiegel’s app or will those canny Gen Zers see right through the latest attempt to monetise messages?

All this and more in this week’s edition!