The ‘not-so-new look’ Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads has unveiled a new interface that, in its own words, will “feel familiar” to Google AdWords users.

Microsoft has changed the look of its advertising platform, adding new functions and improving the user experience. To anyone used to using Google AdWords, there are some striking similarities between the two platforms but this seems to have been a conscious decision.

In the official update announcement, Microsoft said,

“You may find that the redesigned Microsoft Advertising feels familiar to other Microsoft products as well as other advertising platforms.”

No longer pitting themselves directly against Google, Microsoft are making it easier to run campaigns alongside Google AdWords. A win for anyone looking to diversify their advertising portfolio.

As reported in Impact earlier this week, the recently-announced redesign includes a cleaner design and a host of new functions that make it easier for users to create campaigns and view results.

Bold menus, minimal clutter and a new Accounts tab – making it easy to manage all account settings in one pane – are all part of the new design. A new global menu bar to the top of every page also lets users switch accounts, preview campaigns, import AdWords campaigns, and access other popular functions.

Although Google AdWords is likely to remain the go-to hub for search campaigns for now, Microsoft Advertising offers serious opportunities for diversifying campaigns.

The similar look and feel will make it easier than ever to run campaigns across both platforms.

To preview the new design fill in this survey or contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager.