Two essential tasks for competing in Google Ads

Managing your pay-per-click marketing can be daunting. Google is a competitive platform and it’s easy to fall behind the competition.

If you only have a small opening on your to-do list, WordStream urges you to add these two essential tasks.

1. Add negative keywords… constantly

Although it sounds simple, it’s an area many advertisers overlook.

Every year the volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% and between 16-20% of searches are brand new, never seen by us or Google before.

If you don’t add negative keywords regularly, things won’t go well for you.

Add negative keyword research to your weekly to-do list, or set a recurring calendar reminder.

2. Understand your match types

There have been dramatic changes to Google Ads match types recently, but it is still crucial to know which keyword match type(s) work best for your budget and strategy.

Different match types have different levels of quality and search volumes associated with them.

Understanding the differences in how the match types perform is a crucial step that shouldn’t be missed during campaign setup.

In the keyword and data-driven world of Google Ads, success can often seem a distant and fleeting concept. Making time for these two tasks should bring you closing to achieving it.