What is Quora? And How Can it Help Marketers Find Targeted Traffic?

If you and your brand use Quora intelligently and astutely, you can drive plenty of consumers towards your business.

Growing awareness of your brand can be a very time-consuming exercise – and a confusing prospect.

As a marketer, you want to find the most fast, affordable and reliable ways to do it.

As noted by Snov.io, Quora can be one of those ways.

Quora is used by millions of buyers and thousands of companies. It therefore has a huge captive audience, making it the perfect place to promote your wares and your knowledge.

What is Quora?

Quora is a huge question and answer platform where anyone can ask whatever they like. These questions are then answered by anyone across the world who might want to answer them! Think of it as an open social media platform for answering questions.

Questions can be about absolutely anything. Sometimes, they’re even personal questions with people seeking non-factual advice and opinions.

As a marketer, why does Quora matter to me?

It be a very valuable source of traffic. If you answer queries on Quora (in your niche), you can include links in your answers. These links can lead to your site, your blog, or any other online content you have.

This will increase your traffic and increase awareness of your brand. Many brands use Quora to drive more potential customers and engagement to their sites.

If you answer enough questions over a long period of time, more people will become aware of your brand. And the more brand awareness you have, the more trusted, reputed and used your business will become.

A quick note here: all of these links are nofollow, which is an important consideration as far as SEO is concerned.

If you answer questions regularly, and in a useful and helpful way, you can become a ‘top writer’. If you become a ‘top writer,’ you get a handy advantage – your answers could be added to the Quora Digest mailing list, meaning that people who are interested in your niche may receive an email with your solutions.

Can Quora help my business in any other ways?

Yes! With Quora you can…

  • Stay up to date. All niches go through changes all the time. You can use Quora to stay on trend, by learning what the common queries are – and by reading answers offered by your competitors.
  • Become an influencer. If people associate your answers with intelligent help, you will gain a good reputation. You could then become a big voice in your niche, and influence popular opinion.

When answering questions on Quora, you should answer questions only within your real areas of expertise. If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll lose your target market.

And if you start providing answers outside of your expertise area, they might not be fully accurate. If they aren’t fully accurate, you risk losing your good reputation.

If you and your brand use Quora intelligently and astutely, you can drive plenty of consumers towards your business. You’ll also build trust, reputation and a bigger awareness of your brand… all of which can lead to more profits.