Issue 63: Google Tag Manager, Quora questions & part 2 of our Bing series

Some might call this the ‘Google Tag Manager Fanboy’ edition, but we’re proud of our obsession.

This week we (try to) take an objective view of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and ask if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Then we undo all of our hard work and gush over Jason Whaling’s GTM training.

Paul takes an in-depth look at Quora and how it can help drive targeted traffic to your web properties. However, has the boat sailed yet? Find out here.

We look at the essential YouTube trends that are shaping the platform this year, and how you can get on board right away.

There’s part 2 of our Bing investigation, and we reveal yet more ways that Bing sneaks into your search life – I’ll be honest, a few on here really surprised me. (Don’t worry, we link to part 1 in the article.)

And finally, the wait is over.

I reveal the surprising results of our reader survey and explain what changes we’ve made to better suit our reader’s objectives. I think it’s safe to say that the magazine will not be the same again!

Righto, that’s enough from me. Looking forward to welcoming you next week with the brand new look magazine!